Additional Services

We are pleased to be able to provide links for additional services which compliment CBC’s core Building Control service for our clients.

These are provided via selected, professional consultancies who can deliver prompt and effective services with competitive fees.

We have assessed and selected these consultants thus saving you time.


Please submit Quotation request via email link under each of the services required.

Party Wall

Extensions, loft conversions, damp-proofing works and internal refurbishment or structural alterations may all include work on a party wall. As what you do to your side of the wall may affect the other side, in many cases the consent of your neighbours is needed before work can start. In some cases, excavating or constructing foundations for a new building or extension within six metres of neighbouring properties will also require consent.

Our partner Party Wall Surveyors have extensive experience in Party Wall legislation and can offer advice for both the building owner and the adjoining owner.

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SAP, EPC, Water Calculations, Air Leakage and Extractor Fan Testing, SBEM, BREEAM

Part L1A SAP calculation and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Fees include:

  • All the relevant SAP documentation required for compliance with Part L1A/L1B of the Building Regulations (design-stage and as-built submissions);
  • Additional necessary recommendations and calculations to ensure a pass is achieved every time;
  • U-value calculations for submission to Building Control if required;
  • An Energy Performance Certificate upon completion (new-build and conversions only);
  • Comprehensive advice and support throughout the whole process; and
  • All lodgement fees.
L2A: SBEM calculations for newly constructed buildings

In order to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document L2A you must provide your Compliance Building Control with a SBEM calculation for each new commercial building.

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is the Government’s approved methodology for calculating the energy performance of non-domestic buildings. All new buildings must achieve a building CO2 emission rate (BER) no greater than a target CO2 emission rate (TER). The SBEM calculation process is in two stages:

  1. Design-stage
  2. As-built stage

Our consultants experienced SBEM assessors can guide you smoothly through compliance, from concept to completion. Their service includes all the support required to ensure every building achieves a pass.

L2B – SBEM calculations for conversions

If you alter a non-domestic building such that there is a material change of use, then our consultants can provide SBEM calculations to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document L2B.

Compliance is achieved provided the calculated CO2 emission rate for the proposed building is no greater than if the building had been built to the minimum standards of Approved Document L2B.

The CO2 emission rate for the building is calculated using SBEM, the Government’s approved methodology for calculating the energy performance of non-domestic buildings.

Part G Water Calculation

To provide Part G water calculations and any recommendations required to ensure a pass.

Domestic Air Leakage Test

Fees include:

  • A building air leakage test compliant with ATTMA TSL1; 
  • Building Regulations certification; and 
  • Guidance concerning potential air leakage hot-spots and options for remedial work where necessary.
Part F Extractor Fan Testing

Extract fan flow rate testing. A test of System 1 – Background ventilators and intermittent extract fans.

New Home Compliance Pack

We provide Building Control for many new dwellings and appreciate there is a need for other supporting assessments/tests.

Our clients can benefit from this pack which is very competitively priced and includes:

  • SAP
  • EPC
  • Air Leakage Test
  • Water calculation
  • Extractor Fan testing

All for a single competitive fee.

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Our consultant’s focus is 100% on non-destructive testing of buildings using thermography as the key tool.  They have built some of the deepest knowledge of building thermography in the UK and use this to provide the best thermal imaging surveys and training to all manner of clients.  Principle areas of focus include testing continuity of insulation (often with reference to Part L of Building Regulations), thermal bridging and provision of thermographic surveys compliant with BREEAM. Thermal imaging is a natural partner to other non-destructive testing methods which they either provide in house or with similarly specialised partners. These include advanced damp and leak detection and tracing, air tightness testing and aerial thermal surveys.

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Sound and Air Testing


Sound insulation design and guidance – 100% pass rate. Our consultant’s goal is to work with every client to ensure they pass the sound test first time using an efficient & cost-effective design. They have a range of design services to cater for every budget from full written recommendations to a sound insulation ‘health check’, which just helps give that extra confidence that your treatments are heading in the correct direction. 

Air Testing Sample Testing: Typically of interest for developers with larger developments, they offer a very popular sample air testing package. This low cost service allocates one of their senior engineers to visit site for several hours to provide sample testing on the first few plots that are nearing completion. Their engineer will work with your site team to advise on leakage areas as required to help ensure your subcontractors are sealing adequately to achieve your Design Air Permeability (DAP).

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